Faith Based

Nichols Construction Team: building a foundation of faith and trust.

Nichols Construction Team St. Pius ChurchWhen we think about the kind of work we want to pursue, and are given the opportunity to utilize our talents accordingly, working with faith-based organizations is a natural fit. We’re proud to provide the physical “rock” upon which your congregation can build its house of worship, and we delight in saving money that is best served for greater purposes. Because we understand your commitment to financial stewardship, we have tight controls in place to ensure integrity and accountability along with a high quality, cost-effective solution to meet your needs. And we’ll take the time to lead you through the process: we understand every nuance so you don’t have to.

See for yourself how we’ve helped other faith-based organizations achieve their vision.

Faith based construction projects include:

  • Clifton Springs United Methodist Church
  • Cross Creek Church
  • Pearce Memorial Church
  • Pittsford Community Church
  • St. Pius X
  • Trinity Emanuel Lutheran Church
  • United Church of Christ