Concrete Tilt-Up

For Concrete Tilt-Up walls, we are the only construction firm in town – literally!

The Nichols Construction Team has embraced Concrete Tilt-Up walls and becoming the front runner in the market place with trained and certified Tilt-Up technicians. We understand that projects need to be as efficient as possible and take up the least amount of time. Using Tilt-Up construction, the floor slab is cast early in the process, and wall panels are cast directly on the floor slab before being tilted into final position. The entire building process takes place on-site and right in front of your eyes.  Tilt-Up construction has developed into the preferred method of commercial construction for many types of buildings and structures, because Tilt-Up is efficient to operate and economical to build. As a result, its attributes of flexibility, safety, speed, durability and long-term value, tilt-up construction help you meet ever-increasing demands for new facilities.

The video below illustrates the concrete tilt-up process

Aquinas Institute of Rochester 30,300-square-foot fitness education center.

The Additional benefits of utilizing concrete tilt-up include:

  • Formed and poured on site
  • Versatile – every building can be custom-designed to meet an owner’s  needs both in function and appearance
  • Reduces structural steel costs – save construction budgets
  • High energy efficiency
  • Ultra-durable
  • Fast
  • Sustainable
  • All Weather Construction (yes–even in Winter!)