Nichols Construction Team Client Testimonial Video

Watch our client testimonial videos and learn why leading businesses in the Greater Rochester NY area partner with Nichols Construction Team.

Thank you Andy Germanow (Germanow Simon / Tel-Tru) for participating in this video.

- John Nichols and Nichols Construction Team

Thank you Michael Trojian (Komar Properties) for participating in this video.

- John Nichols and Nichols Construction Team

Thank you Jim Mort (Empire United Soccer Academy) for participating in this video.

- John Nichols and Nichols Construction Team

Thank you John Batiste (Klein Steel Service), Bryce Hauschildt (Jefferson Veterinary Hospital) and Dave Jacob (Orafol Precision Technology Center) for participating in this video. 

- John Nichols and Nichols Construction Team

Construction Project Spotlight Video – Trinity Montessori School

Thank you Lorraine Scarafile, Headmaster, Trinity Montessori School for participating in this video. 

- John Nichols and Nichols Construction Team

Your firm’s performance was the best we have had in over a dozen surgery centers we have worked on. You hit a Grand Slam: you completed the project per the schedule, with few change orders, excellent documentation and top quality workmanship.

- Hyman Hayes, Principal Architect, Myles Hyman

The Nichols Construction Team under the leadership of Mark Chester and Jerry Lanse provided us with the knowledge and flexibility to create a space in which a new model of healthcare delivery will be tested.  The Team had to accommodate the needs of all clinical delivery services, work within the confines of an old and challenging building, and incorporate the special accommodations required by this population.  The space looks fantastic, the crew was courteous and invested in the project, and our patients are all in agreement that their care will be improved due to our new home.  My staff is eager to provide care at 905 Culver Rd.

- Tiffany Pulcino, MD, MPH URMC DSRIP Medical Director, Culver Medical Group, Primary Care Network

We are grateful to you, Ric Carley, Jerry Lanse and your entire team for the incredible job you did with our lobby renovation. You made a promise that the Nichols Construction Team would manage every aspect of the project with the highest level of quality, integrity and efficiency. You delivered this and more! It is a warm, welcoming, and secure space for our agency and the people we serve.

- Donna Dedee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Holy Childhood

Many, many thanks to all of you for making our dream of a better school come true! It has been such a pleasure to work with all of you on this project. I am grateful for all your ideas, talents, and support. Thanks also for coming and participating in our ribbon cutting celebration. It was a great day. Come and visit us any time!

- Jacqueline Griebel, Principal, Webster Montessori School

We compliment you on your ability to hear the needs of your client and translate that into a feasible yet extraordinary facility where children will love to learn and make a difference in the world! Read >>

- Lorraine E. Scarafile, Headmaster, Trinity Montessori School

In business you always want to surround yourself and form partnerships with good quality people. We have definitely found that with Nichols Construction Team. Read >>

- Paul DeCarolis, Managing Member, Mt. Read-Emerson Street Properties, LLC

Many people warned me to “get ready,” that building new would be a terrible experience. Thanks to The Nichols Team, the process was exciting and fun. Read >>

- Bryce Hauschildt, DVM, Jefferson Veterinary Hospital

Two characteristics stood out in my mind as being even more important. The first has to with John’s commitment to building a project of the highest order of quality, the second… Read >>

- Andrew Laniak, President and CEO, Brinkman International Group, Inc.

I will always be grateful to you and your team, for the quality, execution, and timeliness of the work. You built and delivered what you promised, within our budget. Read >>

- Rev. Daniel F. Holland, Pastor, St. Pius Tenth Church

The wonderful space that your team has completed for us will provide the foundation for the continued growth of our organization. The entire process went very smoothly, and I would highly recommend The Nichols Team to any company considering new construction or an expansion. Read >>

- Thomas Wolf, C.P.A, Managing Partner, Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co.,

Please pardon the pun, however now that the “dust has settled,” I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your outstanding Nichols Team for the excellent work…Read >>

- Paul Schiffman, Head of School, The Harley School

John’s idea of building a building is to create open communications, and employ the experts to get the job completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Read >>

- Janet Felosky, President, Monroe Tractor & Imp. Co., Inc.